Dila Khanoom

Dila Khanoomفارسی

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Genre: Drama / Romance / Turkish

Directed By: Onur Tan

Stars: Hülya Darcan, Erkan Petekkaya, Hatice Sendil

Runtime: 45 min

Release Date: 2013-09-11

Dila hanım is a dramatic story of the country yard based on its original movie. Dila Hanım is a modern lady, his lover is a modern educated man too. However his lovers family was a traditional family with power, land and money. After marriage, they went to their village, then suddenly his husband was shot by Rıza bey and he was killed. Dila Hanım was shocked, and she met with Rıza Bey but she did’nt know that he pulled the trigger which killed her husband. The desperate love stroy goes on.